We spent four days in La Paz chocking on smog and dodging traffic. It was to serve as a base to prepare for the Yungas Road, formerly the most dangerous road in the world, but now more of a cycle route since the by-pas was built.

The Yungas Road ends just short of Coroico at nearly 2000 meters altitude, yet once out of La Paz, there was still a climb as threaded our way through the mountain passes.


At one stage we ended up in the clouds. While they might look cute and fluffy, our experience of climbing Mount Tyffan in Wales told us otherwise. We were right. As we entered a cloud, visibility was reduced to around 10-15 meters, and hail began to fall.

Still, we were travelling at a vast rate of knots and once we emerged from the other side we were back to clear skies. Then this:


La Paz to Corocio is just under 60 miles, the Yungas Road starts about 30 miles in. Then it’s two hours of fun, and vertigo, riding what was once the most dangerous road in the world.



We didn’t take many photos along the road. Truth be told it was a pretty easy gravel/stony track, and not knowing what’s coming around the corner governed our speed more than the 100 meter sheer drops, and waterfalls on the road.

In Coroico we spent three days in at the Sol y Luna retreat. It’s the perfect place to relax and recharge. This was the view from our window.

Window view at Sol y Luna Coroico

And a little hike into the Jungle rewarded us with this: