From Coroico we took the by-pas via La Paz to Copacabana. Rising from nearly 2,000 meters, the road twisted around the mountainous landscape like a snake around it’s prey.


Unfortunately there’s no avoiding La Paz, and while it wasn’t necessary to go through the centre of the city, we had to travel around El Alto, which was bad enough.

Even worse were the small dirty, dusty towns stretching 50 miles out of the metropolis. After that we were in the Bolivian countryside and lake Titicaca.



There’s no pure overland route to Copacabana, so we had to take a ‘ferry’ if you could call it that, across lake Titicaca. Sam had to the hold the bike for the 10 minute journey as the boat wasn’t the most stable of things.


Once on the other side we took a dirt road for 10 miles or so before connecting to the main highway.

In Copacabana we took the world’s worst peddle boat out onto the lake but ended up returning it in 15 minutes. Not before Sam who was piloting the craft turned my side into the on coming waves, resulting me gaining a wet bottom.




It seemed that Copacabana was in festival season with multiple parades passing by the main square during the day, and an outdoor disco in the evening.