I’ve started so i’ll finish, or at least continue until I get board. In this post I catalogue by expenditure for July 2017.

July was a crazy month, with so much happening that my costs were really all over the place. I started the month in Ibiza, making my way up to San Antonio, which is pretty much party central. A couple of nights out saw me eat through a huge chunk of cash. On one occasion I remember having tequila’s with Chris Rock (not the real Chris Rock), Free absinthe, and being thrown out of an Irish bar.

Which reminds me, check out this guy’s reaction to trying absinthe for the very first time. haha.

After almost circumnavigating the island, I set off on a night passage to Mallorca, where I found it necessary to replace some essential items, and with Ikea, so close to the Palma anchorage, buy a whole load of less necessary stuff.

June 2017 live-aboard expenses

All figures in Euros at €1.14 – £1

Living costs

 June July
Marina and mooring fees 390
Diesel/petrol and water 105 119
Groceries 285 195
Eating out 89 150
Internet and telecoms 40 90
Cash 171 290
Shopping 38 273
Subscriptions 10 10
Travel 10
Laundry 20
1.128 1.157

One-off boat costs/repairs

In July these included a new autopilot system (€1800), new dinghy (€700), and some misc parts (roughly €150)
1.597 2.650

Total spending for the month came to €3.807 – jeez!


Marina fees – This is the biggest change. Since Cartagena I’ve not been in a marina other than for fuel and water.

Diesel/petrol and water – I travelled a lot more in July than in June, and probably ran up more engine hours too, but this figure is also inflated by the high cost of filling up with water in Ibiza. €15 was the most I paid, with around €9 the average.

Cash – I actually withdrew more cash than I have added to this column, but because I kept track of how I spent it, I have added it to the appropriate categories. After one particular night out, I had found out that withdrew €300 in the small hours of the morning. No idea what it was for, but it got spent on things like laundry, and eating out in the end.

Eating out – I may have spent less at the supermarket this month, but I spent more time eating out. From lunches, to dinners and take aways. I took advantage of being in busy towns and ports as much as possible.

Shopping – I spent around €160 in Ikea, buying things like towels, plates, storage containers, and that kind of stuff. I’d specifically waited until Mallorca to do so as Palma has the largest Ikea in the Balearics. I also spent around €70 on tools to aid in fitting the new windlass, and a few euros on some items from Decathlon.

Boat expenses – Much more of these. They aren’t really standard everyday liveabord costs, and because I left the marina in June before the boat was completely ready, they are showing up now. On the passage to Mallorca the autopilot failed permanently. It was something that I was thinking about replacing anyhow, so although the new one was close to €2,000 it would have got done sooner or later. The second large expense was the dinghy. The tender that came with the boat was past its use-by date and I got tired of repairing the seams. Other expenses were items to refurbish the outboard that’d bought in Cartagena, and a few misc bits and pieces.

Going forward I will try to categorise my expenses and capital purchases better, adding boat maintenance as that starts to become a factor with more travel, and keeping track of cash the best I can.