In the weeks running up to trip to Spain I began to research off-roading in Spain. I knew that it wouldn’t really be practical with pillion and luggage for two, but I wanted to be prepared just in case.

I reached out to the ADVRider community, and while responses were slow at first, they did point me in the right direction of two extremely useful sites.

The first contains download links to Topohispania, which is a topography map of Spain created using data from National Geographic. The map is available in Garmin format, and a few others.

The second site allows you to search for known trails and routes. At present around 4,000 tails have been recorded in Spain.

Before you rush off to see what goodies these sites contain, you should be aware of a few things first. Like most European countries, Spain has a number of regulations and restrictions when it comes to riding off-road. Before you go it’s worth familiarising yourself with these. To save you digging around Spanish Biker has kindly summarised the main points here –

In addition to reaching out on ADVRider, I also contacted members of living in Spain. Again the members here were a great help, and ended up with tracks from Ronda to Seville. I’ve decided to share these below. Enjoy.