Speanding Christmas in Valparaiso as opposed to Conception as originally intended, meant that we were now much further north than planned. That meant covering some serious distance to get to Puerto Montt.

We set about dividing the jouring up into 150 mile sections. A mixture of camping and cheap hostels served as our shelter as we headed south.

As we moved further inland the temperature began to rise. It was well over 30c at one of our campsites, making for a hot sticky night. fortunately they had a pool we cool down in.

At another campsite further south (Salto del Laja), we found a river and a waterfall. Neither of us went for swim though.


We moved out towards the coast again staying Valdivia. The landscape had definitely changed. It was lush, and green, with a network of rivers and lakes. Perhaps the similarities to Latvia helped Sam feel more at home.

The last streatch of the journey saw us reach Puerto Montt, which by all accounts is something of hole. Unless you need to disembark from its port, there’s no other worldly reason to visit. I was however, able to capture in image or two that disguise this fact.


Whatever we thought of the town, we were content in our stay in Hostal Jacob, and excited to be starting the famous Carretera Austral.