I finished work early today which was fortunate as I only made the check-in for the Euro Tunnel by six minutes. After work I met my girlfriend in town and off we went, via the local bike shop. I needed some ear plugs chain lube and visor cleaner. While we were there we thought we’d get a jacket she’d bought a few weeks before mended. Since we couldn’t exactly send it back, the woman behind the counter got out her needle and thread and started sewing. Two minutes later the hole in the jacket pocket was fixed and we were free to begin our journey.

We arrived at the Euro Tunnel check-in just time, and despite having lost my credit card (the one I booked the tickets with) we were able to check-in and board without any problems.

Once in France the campsite was easy to find, though with reception closed (it was about 23:20) we decided to pitch the tent where we pleased. While unpacking I heard a bang, looking up I saw the bike’s side stand had sunk into the ground. I picked it up, checking it over as I do so. Despite a severely bent clutch leaver all was fine.

zxr750 clutch lever

On the move

Northern France isn’t the most exciting of places so with the aim of getting to the south as soon as possible, the plan was to get up early and make haste down the autoroute. Of course this plan failed at the getting up early part. By the time we’d packed up and eaten it was around 12pm. After a case of mistaken Identity and a crap reception at the campsite we left there without paying.

Every time I’ve been in Northern France it has rained. Of course this time was no exception, fortunately it wasn’t heavy but it was enough to make the southward journey bloody cold. We stopped at a service station for lunch, upon making my way back to the bike I noticed that the front mudguard had mysteriously disappeared. The front two bolts were still attached as was the part of the mud guard that they secured, the rest however had disappeared. Great.

Down in Dijon

The bike hasn’t been doing the mileage I anticipated. Two up with luggage I’m hitting reserve every 140miles or so. Still it helps when you have a six litre reserve. Too tired and too wet to continue the journey to the south, We are held up in an F1 Hotel in Dijon, it’s pretty awful but will have to do. I found a McDonalds near by with free wifi, so that’s a bonus, the bad news though is that is looks like heavy rain tomorrow.