Heathers flight was around 2pm so we packed everything up and set off for the airport a few hours away. It was easy enough, since this was now my third time in Bucharest on this trip alone. We said our goodbyes and that was that.

It was Euro 2008 final day with the Spain v Germany match due to kick off later in the evening. I thought it might be nice to ride as far west as I could and find somewhere nice to stay to watch the game.

That never happened, after leaving the airport I rode, and rode, and rode some more. Through Sibiu, past Deva and towards Arad. I managed to hit a large diversion at some point during that night which made things interesting, getting chased by packs of wild dogs every time I stopped to look at the map.

By about 11pm it started to get cold and I still hadn’t reached Arad. I stopped off for a while a petrol station to put my thermal lining in my gear. I also caught 15 mins of the match, was 0-0. I kept riding thorough the unlit pot-hole covered streets until I reached the boarder well after midnight.

Just as I had entered I left Romania without too much problem, although I was now minus a driving licence.

It was good to be back in Hungary, but I was concerned how I would get into Croatia without a license or insurance documentation. My PAYG insurance policy is renewed every month and a new document sent to my home. As there was no way to get this document to me in time, I decided to try my luck without it.

Once in Hungary I rode for an hour or so before finding a quiet lay by. I’d done a stupid amount of miles so far so decided to reward myself with a few hours sleep lying stretched out on the back of bike. I pulled myself forward in my seat and had my legs rest over the bars, my back supported by the pillion seat and my head by my camping gear. It was an odd position, who knows what someone would have thought if they saw me, but I felt comfortable and calm, pleased with the days progress.