Romanian Police
I was pretty exhausted so went to sleep early that night knowing i’d have an early start the next morning. I loaded up the bike, said goodbye and headed off. The guy at the campsite mentioned that Bucharest was only 200KM away but it would take around 4 hours, that’s fine but I needed/wanted to go to Brasov first.

Romanian Police

Unlike every other place i’d been to, I noticed that every little village or town had a police station and a few cops out and about on the roads. Fortunately just like everywhere else, oncoming motorists warn you of police by flashing their head lamps. On the way to Brasov I was travelling on some narrow hilly roads, when I came up to an uneven loaded truck. The truck was going very slowly and weaving around a little. In my hurry and sure of no oncoming vehicles I pull out and over took the truck. Immediately two police cars came out of nowhere and pulled me over. Damn.

I gave them my papers and waited. While they had gone back to their car a local selling fruit by the side of the road came over and said something in Romanian which not knowing any Romanian I translated to mean “Oh you shouldn’t of done that, you’re in shit now”.

The cop came back and asked me why i’d overtaken the truck and what road marking we have in England that mean no overtaking. He didn’t like my answer and went on to tell me how this road is currently under construction and that means no overtaking. I pleaded ignorance but it was no use. He proceeded to explain that this carries a 200lei fine, which is payable at any city hall type government building. After instructing his fellow office to write out a report, he comes back and while waiting we chat about bikes and Romanian roads – he seemed alright.

With the report written and some stuff in Romanian to sign he hands me a ticket, then explains that this is a problem in Romania and foreign national driving licences must be kept until the fine is paid. The fact I was only in Romania for a week or so didn’t seem to matter. Whatever, I was in a hurry so took the receipt for my licence and the ticket and the left for Brasov.



I’d been to Brasov before back in 2001 so didn’t have much difficulty here. I found a decent enough hostel to book for the following night, chilled out, had some food and checked on-line for some details of where to stay in Bucharest. I arrived in Brasov late afternoon and was on my way to Bucharest around 6pm. The road out of Brasov to Bucharest was just awesome, as soon as you leave the city you are heading right up through the mountains. Fist medium then tight twisties then turning into extremely tight hairpins, the road was fantastic all the way form Brasov to the ski resort of Sinia. After that you hit some flat land and its a 70-90mph blast to Bucharest through some industrial countryside and stopping every so often for the odd torn up road. I made good time to Otopeni airport, in fact I was 3 hours early, but I meant I could park the bike up, check it over, eat and just rest while waiting for my friends flight to come in at 11:30pm.