After a couple of days chilling in the sun it was the end of the road for my girlfriend, she was due fly back so this would be our last ride together of the holiday. We made the airport in good time 1.5 hours from Balatonfured and said our goodbyes. While it was sad to see her go, we‘d had a great time and was looking forward to riding solo for a while and being able to sing/talk to myself inside my helmet (without rider/pillion radio).

I was hoping to make Brasov before dark, but I hadn’t taken into consideration the Romanian roads. After reloading the bike at the airport I stopped off for a KFC and topped up the oil and water, I was ready for my 8+ hour ride.

I got the Hungry-Romanian boarder in no time at all, after that though it was all downhill. Once past Aarad Western Romania was quite baron. Although I found some interesting roads on the way to Sibiu the ride was pretty boring. After Lil’ Wayne – Best Features, Tha Carter 3 and Fat’s The Crack Era albums, I decided to stop for a break by the side of the road. I enjoyed some Nutella bread sticks and dip and 500ml of water. Noticing the lack of facilities in what was a designated parking area, my rubbish went where all the rubbish of Romania seems to go, right on the floor. At this point I was keen to make up some time, but the winding roads and poor surface limited my speed to between 50-65mph, as a result it was around 8pm when I hit Deva.

I stopped for a quick burger and looked around for somewhere to stay that night, but didn’t fancy paying the price of local hostels. My journey continued and a little while later I came across a sign for a campsite on the main road form Deva to Sibiu. What I thought might only be a few hundred metres away turned out to be a mile or so on to what can only be described as Z roads. Dodging large boulders, pot holes, rubbish, cows and other farm animals, I made it to the campsite. The owner spoke good English, Dutch and German and presumably Romanian. 21 Lei later I pitch my tent and took a long needed shower, not before the bike again jumped off its centre stand though (curse you blasted GPZ).