We arrived at Lake Balton around 6pm, and had no trouble finding our pre-booked accommodation. The GPZ decided to leaped off its stand but no damage was done. We wasted no time at all cruising down and jumping in the water. With an air temperature still over 30c the 24c water actually felt quite cold, but was amazingly soothing after riding around in the searing heat.

The second day by the lake we decided to visit Vesprem (home town of a friend back in England) it was a Saturday so everything closed pretty early, but as we only wanted to see a few a sights it was fine. The road to Vesprem and back was pretty interesting, up/down hill for 15 miles with plenty of twisties. We actually did the journey twice as we were looking for the local Tesco (Hungary has the largest Tesco store in the world, though it’s actually based in Pecs not Vesprem)


lake balaton and vesprem