clown and bard hostel

Köln to Prague is over a 6 hour ride on the autobahn, when breaks and fuel stops are factored in this becomes well over 8 hours. Add to that a stop off in Nuremburg, and the girlfriend deciding to go underwear shopping and you’ll be lucky to make Prague by 10pm, which is about when we arrived. 

Fortunately sat nav meant that finding the hostel a breeze, and in no time at all we were booked into a large double room. I’d tried to stay at the Clown and Bard on two previous occasions but they were fully booked. I was glad for that, as I didn’t fancy riding around all night looking for alternative accommodation.

Unfortunately there was no on street parking at the hostel, but did offer the use of an underground garage complete with vehicle lift at £3 per night to keep the bike in. We spent the next two nights in Prague, I’d been there a few times before so didn’t need to see much. Our time was mostly spent enjoying the scenery and checking out the local bars.



Dripstone wall

As you can see, we were too busy enjoying ourselves to take photos of the main tourist sights.